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Your guests at the airport

Travellers that visit an airport have different experiences. For some it's a unique first time, for others it's a recurring event. Every airport tries to make their customers stay as comfortable as possible in every way. The traveller wants optimal service and an airport will try to offer this in the form of shops and restaurants.

By integrating playcorners at different spots in the airport, the overall ambiance will change for the better. By using clever playcorner-designs, taking in account routing, placement and available playtime the userexperience of a customer will greatly enhance.

Some advantages:

  • Increased sales by proper routing
  • higher customer satisfaction
  • Peaceful atmosphere at the airport
  • Inexpensive marketing tool

At airports delays and waiting times are an unfortunate occurance, especcially for customers with children. Adding playcorners will undoubtedly bring the customerexperience to a higher level.

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