IPC for your kids corners, play systems and kids corners

Safe and durable

No loose parts

Dutch product

In accordance to EN norm

Unique Design

Distinctive and inviting


so cost-effective

Retail Fastfood

The choice is up to the kids!

For the owner of a fast food restaurant it is very important to the guests' stay as
pleasant as possible. They know that every detail in the overall process is important here. The products, the waiting times and stay in the restaurant. For the restaurant owner it matters that he creates the maximum satisfaction factor for his guests.

Good examples of this are McDonald's, Burger King and Kentuky Fried Chicken. They invest in their children ... customers of the future. Young children today often determine the choice of fast food restaurant.

A good kid's corner in your fast food restaurant can give attention value for children. Your guests can eat in peace without being disturbed by children. When your guests stay longer in the restaurant, they will spend more.

What are your benefits:

  • Customers who like to come back in your restaurant
  • No loose parts in your restaurant
  • Higher revenue per customer
  • For staff, relaxed work
  • Child friendly image
  • Inexpensive marketing tool
  • Happy children in your restaurant, the customer of the future

Personal advice:
We can give you advice about the possibilities of our products and concepts for a
children's corner in your restaurant or organization.

Realised project:
Kentucky Fried Chicken – Tilburg

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