IPC for your kids corners, play systems and kids corners

Safe and durable

No loose parts

Dutch product

In accordance to EN norm

Unique Design

Distinctive and inviting


so cost-effective

Interactive Play Computers

Interactive & educational fun without age limitation

Our unique products for kids are designed to the highest standards of quality and functionality and - very important! - they have no loose parts, nothing can be removed. Great for waiting rooms, hospitals, day cares, shopping facilities, restaurants, family funcenters, children's museums, and car dealerships.

Maintenance-free, noiseless and no need to tidy up!

All Touch devices feature a special software version which is currently available with 10 games for children from around 3-8 years of age, depending on the type of games used. The Touch systems were developed for continual use and are operated solely by touch without the need for input devices or controls.

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