IPC for your kids corners, play systems and kids corners

Safe and durable

No loose parts

Dutch product

In accordance to EN norm

Unique Design

Distinctive and inviting


so cost-effective

IPC Touch FC single


Full Colour Multiplex panels
Developed in collobaration with Creative Builders
Available in standard design or a design of your choice
Robust, easy to clean, therefore hygienic


17 inch display
Touch sensitive surface
Gamecontrol exclusive through fingers


Totally scratchfree 17“ TFT-LCD touch screen with IR technology
Industrial miniature PC , fully maintenance- and wearfree
115-230 Volt, 50-60 Hz
Low energyconsumption (75W maximum)


Windows XP Embedded® (especially configured for interactive kid-station)
Kid’s Touch software
10 games
International version
For children 3 years and up

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