IPC for your kids corners, play systems and kids corners

Safe and durable

No loose parts

Dutch product

In accordance to EN norm

Unique Design

Distinctive and inviting


so cost-effective

Funky Farm


Funky Wagon

Includes your choice of 3 AM type of Play Modules, 1 Triple Housing to mount Play Modules to wall, 3 wheel graphics, 1 'Piggy and Roosters' topper graphic, 1 Sun graphic and 1 Birdie graphic.
Dimensions 145 cm wide and 163 cm high.

Horsey panel

Includes Ra0160 Ludy Bug Round-a-bout attached to wood graphic panel.
Dimensions 103 cm wide and 122 cm high.


Depth: 248 cm
Width: 7 cm
Height: 163 cm

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